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"Death* Is A Real Lifesaver" Crop Top - $35
"Death* Is A Real Lifesaver" Crop Top - $35
"Club Dead* Crew Blood" Crew Neck - $35
"Dead* Hoodie" - Ulysses Version - $75
Necksucker Fangs - $85
"Deadhead" Hat and "Club Dead Crew Blood" Crew Neck - $30 and $35

•All items available in Male and Female sizes unless noted•

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SKU: PURIFY-002 Category:

Her mind was elsewhere. In the middle of her last feeding it occurred to her, suddenly, that she would never be the same again. “I’ve Died*,” she thought, and she was finally happy…And what a perfect shirt to be wearing, the Death* Is A Real Lifesaver CropTop T-Shirt, with Red and Black Screen Printing, and “DEAD*” on the back in 100% White Cotton.

Limited Quantities.  Women’s Sizing.

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SKU: PURIFY-005 Category:

Was she Dead*? Her hoodie said so. And the back read the rules he had lived by for centuries. Fuck. Die*. Be…Could it be so? In these times, in his own neighborhood? Had The Deads* returned? Her high quality, 12 ounce, black reverse weave cotton hoodie made him believe, and their ensuing conversation proved the rest. White Dead* on the front, and our patron Vamp on the back.

Limited Quantities.  Unisex, Men’s Sizing.

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SKU: PURIFY-006 Category:

She asked him what his hoodie meant. The small black letters spelled DEAD* on the thick 9 ounce white hoodie. He laughed. If she didn’t know, she would soon enough. He took her hand and gazed at her neck, beckoning her into the promise of night…

Limited Quantities.  Unisex, Men’s Sizing.

•This version has a smaller DEAD* font, and no printing on the back.


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SKU: PURIFY-003 Category:

The winters were harder on him this century, perhaps he was getting old? He laughed at such a silly joke, such a mortal concept. The warm embrace of immortality enveloped him, along with his Dead*neck Mockneck. “DEAD*” embroidered in White, on Black. 100% Cotton (Neck 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex).

Limited Quantities.  Available in Men and Women’s cuts.

Please allow 3 week for delivery.

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SKU: PURIFY-007 Category:

She met Les Vamps at a bar in her neighborhood. A Lifer was giving her a hard time, and out of nowhere they appeared…pulling her into the night, enticing her, then gone just before sunrise. It might’ve been the best night of her life…and all she got was this t-shirt. At least she’ll always have their number near her heart, in red screen printing on a white long sleeve 100% cotton shirt.

Limited Quantities.  Unisex, Men’s Sizing.


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SKU: PURIFY-001 Category:

She saw him from across the room, his skin brighter than the spotlight that seemed to follow him, his eyes as red as her blood that now pumped uncontrollably. She’ll never forget what he wore…the CDCB Shirt, with Red and White Screen Print on 100% Black Cotton. Club Dead* Crew Logo on front, and the ever protecting eyes of Les Vamps on the back.

Limited Quantities.  Unisex, Men’s Sizing.


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SKU: PURIFY-004 Category:

Her skin hadn’t been touched by the sun in years. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t love the beach. She sipped red wine through a straw and found refuge under the shade of her Dead*Head hat. The unstructured 6-Panel hat, with “DEAD*” on the front, and the ever protective eyes of Les Vamps on the back, were all she needed.

Limited Quantities.  One size fits all.

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SKU: PURIFY-008 Category:

Her neck was raw from last night. But she wanted him to see. She wanted him to know that she was his. Maybe the way the light caught the 14k gold Neckporn choker would attract him. Maybe he would accept her offering tonight. At least he’ll know she’s Dead*.

Limited Quantities. One Size Fits All.  14k gold plated.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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SKU: PURIFY-009 Category:

He decided that tonight he would fit in. He would smile. He would be proud of his mark of the beast. As he ordered a bloody mary from the Lifer at the bar, he noticed her. She smiled and the neon caught her 14k gold plated, cubic zirconia Necksucker Fangs. These one-of-a-kind grills made her feel Dead*…and he was OK with it.

Limited Quantities. One size fits all.  14k gold plated with cubic zirconia.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.